Vibration Training

‘What are your views on vibration training?’

Should I ‘Shake it, baby’?

Vibration training is a form of exercise where you use a machine called a Power Plate. Depending on what you want, you can set the machine to vibrate at different intensities, called Magnitude or Hertz. Magnitude equals the frequency of vibration multiplied by the amplitude. A usual range of intensity is between 25 to 40 hertz.

Depending how you use it, Vibration training may or may not be beneficial. If you do it the lazy way, called Passive Vibration Training, defined as simply standing or sitting on the machine while it vibrates, no real benefits will be gained by the body. The result is little to no fat reduction or muscle gain.

Active Vibration Training is when you perform exercises normally done on the floor, on the platform. Lunges, squats, or upper body movements such as push-ups are examples of functional exercises.

Using the power plate causes you to have to resist and absorb vibrating forces. As a result, it places greater demand on the deep essential muscles of all your joints. In order to create these powerful movements, you must learn to stabilize your body. If you can lift heavy weights while on an unstable vibrating surface, think how much more efficient and stronger you will be on stable ground.

Research shows the vibrating platform improves bone density, especially in post menopausal women. In addition, it can speed up recovery of orthopedic injuries by improving blood-flow and strength, posture, control, and balance. The power plate can aid in muscular development and fat loss, but only if used while performing active functional movement patterns upon it.

Think of the power plate as a tool to aid in developing the body; like a dumbbell, stability ball, and Bosu. No one thing will create the ultimate physique. It is a combination of everything, used in the proper way for your fitness level.

Do not believe anyone who says that you will get fit and lose weight by sitting or standing on some machine. If you do not put forth an effort in creating movement or energy expenditure, your body will not change.