Colon Cleanses


‘What is your opinion on cleanses?’

Keep the colon clean the natural way.

Colon health is extremely important. Research indicates that an unhealthy colon is responsible for 80% of disease. Your intestines have a mixture of both good and bad bacteria. It is stated that the ratio should be 85/15, with good being the higher number.

Unfortunately, most North Americans have the opposite ratio. Build-up of undigested food particles can cause toxins, also known as free radicals, to be released into our body. These free radicals can cause rampant damage to our cells.

Chronic fatigue, certain cancers and an impaired immune system can occur. Our eating habits have a tremendous impact on preventing disease and maintaining good health.

A clean diet high in fiber, nutrients and plenty of water, will keep your intestines clean. The objective is to maintain a continuous working digestive system by following healthy eating practices. Resorting to an herbal cleanse after consistently poor eating habits will not be of benefit, as too much damage has already been done. Furthermore, many cleanses can alter the good to bad bacteria ratio, as they cannot distinguish which bacteria should be removed.

Going on a cleanse to lose weight is not a good idea. Consuming herbal blends in place of real food will lower your metabolism, while restricting macronutrients will deplete your body of energy, leaving you feeling tired.