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Jonn has been my hairstylist and client for about 5 years now. He is my personal Fred Connors. Jonn studies fashion trends, new hair styles and looks. He is either going to hair conferences, doing fashion shows, or running his salon “The Cutting Room”. Jonn’s goal is to get a six pack of abs. He is been on that quest for a number of years. I am still trying to get him to give up his ice cream making machine.

While you and I were still focusing on what to wear in the spring and soaking up the sun over the summer, fashion designers and stylists in New York, Paris, Rome and London were considering Fall 2009 and what we should be wearing now.

You might be surprised to know that designers chose to present upbeat styles, a positive and welcomed change in the current economic climate; some have even resurrected some of our favourite trends from the past.

So what do you need to know as you hit the streets this fall? Here are my top ten trends for fashion for those of you who want to be with it this fall.

Trend one: ’80s inspired fashion

Remember the power suits, big hair and strong shoulders Melanie Griffith wore as Tess McGill in Working Girl? Well, those features are back with a twist for the modern woman. You’ll see a strong woman wearing sharp strong shoulders. You’ll see a military influence with jackets strengthened and strong shoulder features like epaulettes.

Tip for this trend

A padded, wider shoulder makes you walk with a stronger, more confident step, creating a taller silhouette and the illusion of a slimmer waist.

Trend two: Big Coats

If, like me, you’re from a cold-weather part of Canada, you’ll appreciate this trend. Some of you may have heard of the snuggie, a blanket with sleeves that is definitely not one of my top trends.

Well, think of the big coat as a more appropriate alternative. The big coat acts like a shield from the harsh elements and protects you from wind, rain, snow and sleet. It envelops your body in warmth.

Tip for this trend

Look for blanket coats in winter-weight wool with rich, vibrant colours.

Trend three: Metallics

On New Year’s Eve, you expect to see sequins and sparkle on the dance floor. This year, designers have added sparkle and shine to day wear too. You’ll find sequins on shirts, and studding on skirts. Pair these pieces in layers so that they don’t overwhelm your outfit and you can wear metallics any day of the year.

Tip for this trend

Add sparkle with copper, bronze and titanium pieces to make this trend pop, but leave your bedazzler at home and let the pros take care of adding the sequins.

Trend four: Pink

Think pink — the hotter the better. Look at trend one and you’ll have a flashback to the neon pink of the ’80s. You’re likely to see that shade, but think sugary soft bubble gum and hot pink too. You don’t have to be dressed from head to toe in pink. Add a splash of colour with a new shirt or accessories and you’ll be on top of this trend.

Tip for this trend

Pink works on all skin tones. You’ve just got to find the shade that works for you.

Trend five: Skin

This trend is mostly seen in one-shoulder dresses and dresses with cutouts and slashes. Asymmetrical dresses and tops are available in all sorts of different cuts, colours and styles, and will flatter any body type, at any age.

Tip for this trend

The shoulder is an erogenous zone. Show one off!

Trend six: Leather

Another shout out to the ’80s is leather pants and skirts, a trend seen on runways around the world. This time, they’re cut to fit close to the body and are designed to create a leaner silhouette. If you’re not comfortable in leather pants, add a cropped leather jacket to your outfit and you’ll add an element of rock ‘n roll to your day!

Tip for this trend

Ditch the dark jeans and try on at least one pair of leather pants this fall. You won’t regret it.

Trend seven: Thigh-High Boots

What more do I need to say? These boots make a statement and will get you noticed. Pair them with tight trousers or a chunky-knit dress that ends just above the boots and you’ll be ready to go. These boots make you feel strong, confident and most importantly sexy.

Tip for this trend

Thigh-high boots elongate your legs, but don’t attempt to wear them with bare legs. Also, leave the patent leather boots alone.

Trend eight: Monochromatic look

The colours are on the more conservative side — black, grey and charcoal — but they also form the staples in many of our wardrobe. Tone on tone has always been a popular look, but this year texture adds a new touch. Think of pairing matte with shiny or smooth and nubby. Think a chunky knit with tight black pants and you’ll be on your way.

Tip for this trend

Mix and match your monochrome with metallics or a hot pink accent and you’ll be even more on top of the fashion trends for fall 2009.

Trend nine: Fur

While this isn’t for everyone, fur made a come back on the runway this fall. Whether you choose to go faux or pick up a vintage piece (the friendlier way to add fur to your wardrobe), stoles have been seen in bright colours and a variety of textures. Also think of fur on the collar and cuffs of more traditional pieces.

Tip for this trend

This trend isn’t about opulence and extravagance. Add a touch of fur to your wardrobe and feel cozy and warm.

Trend ten: Hats and Gloves

There’s nothing cuter than a hat – whether it’s a small pillbox or an oversized throwback to the ’80s. Every runway featured hats this season, making it the absolute must-have item. Wear your hat with a dress, suit or even an evening gown and you’ll be the talk of the town.

And gloves! Think of wearing them in non-traditional ways — to add some va-voom to a little black dress (don’t forget the pink!) or with a short-sleeved sweater set. Gloves can help you go from the office to dinner in one simple step.

Tip for this trend

Don’t wear these pieces for warmth or to stuff into your pockets. This season, hats and gloves are meant to get you noticed.

Those are my top ten fall fashion trends! What are your must haves for the fall? What are the other trends that you’ll add to your wardrobe? What trends do you think are ridiculous and you absolutely wouldn’t consider? I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Fashion Cripple says:

    Hey Jonn. Interesting article, since fitness and fashion are both part of positive self-image… I was wondering if you had any wardrobe tips for dudes, though. My girlfriend’s always harping on me that I dress like a slob, and I think it would be cool to surprise her with some awesome, new (and affordable) clothes that really make a statement.

  2. Jonn says:

    Hey Fashion Cripple.
    I’m happy to help you out. Number one priority is to wear clothes that fit. If clothes “off the rack” don’t fit you perfectly, then find a good tailor and make friends. Have your pants altered as needed and make sure your shirts fit your shoulders and arms well. There are a few key pieces for your wardrobe – a white button down dress shirt and a cool relaxed jacket (velvet is hot this season) are must haves. You can dress up those pieces with a pair of slim leg, flat front pants (again see your tailor), and dress them down with a great pair of jeans. Throw a cool deep V cardigan and some graphic T-shirts into the mix and you’re almost set. Don’t forget a great pair of shoes and a pair of cool sneaks to finish off the look. Ideally pick out pieces that you can mix and match from this season to next and you won’t have to spend a fortune on a great look. Finally, get a great haircut to finish the look! I’m sure your girlfriend will love the new look, and you’ll feel great too. Good luck with the shopping!

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