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Featured Testimonial: Bobbi Siffledeen

Bobbi Siffledeen “You my friend are a life changer, game changer, inspirational motivator! I am beyond grateful for what you have done for me and more importantly my family. I lived for most of my life in fear of food. Always looking for the next best “diet” and listening to all of the experts avoiding […]

Five Stages of Health and Fitness

Have you ever wondered how other people live and eat compared to yourself?  Human beings vary quite extremely in the amount of fat they carry on their body.  The quantity of fat affects our health and fitness.  In the 25 years I have been working in the personal training business I have seen patterns of […]

Understanding Why You Are Fat

THE FAT PROBLEM Starvation has killed more human beings in the history of planet Earth than from any other method.  You can take war, disease, murder, old age, and death by shark attack and add them all up.  Starvation out does them all.  It was not until post World War II that obesity became a […]