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Vibration Training

‘What are your views on vibration training?’ Should I ‘Shake it, baby’? Vibration training is a form of exercise where you use a machine called a Power Plate. Depending on what you want, you can set the machine to vibrate at different intensities, called Magnitude or Hertz. Magnitude equals the frequency of vibration multiplied by […]

Weight Gain in Adults

When one thinks about the reasons for adult obesity, many scapegoats are given: inactivity, poor eating choices, larger portions, even laziness. In my experience, there are reasons people eat vast quantities of poor quality food and don’t exercise. I was involved in casting new participants for X-Weighted, a weight loss show I do on the […]

Paul’s Top Ten Rules on Exercising

1. AVOID ANY LYING DOWN OR SITTING DOWN EXERCISES These are the two laziest positions the human body can be in. The average North American is only in an upright position for one hour per day. You burn fewer calories than upright exercises because fewer muscles are involved. 2. AVOID USING WEIGHT TRAINING MACHINES They […]

Paul’s Top Ten Ways To Lose Fat

1. DON’T HANG AROUND UNMOTIVATED OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE We tend to share in the same habits as our friends. Find fit motivated people with like-minded goals. Create an environment where your chances for success are greater. 2. NEVER EAT FAST FOOD AGAIN Not only will it make you fat, but the chemicals from flavoring are toxic […]

These five foods could kill you

In my opinion, five main foods are the root cause of obesity, even death. As a society, we have gotten away from eating fresh, nutritious foods. Instead, we consume processed, manufactured food products capable of surviving a nuclear attack. Any food that can outlive the consumer can not be good for you. Our digestive system […]