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The messiah of the fitness industry

Functional training has become The Messiah of the fitness world, with claims that you can lose weight, get strong and ripped, and become a better athlete. Trainers, coaches and laypeople alike throw this term around like dirty underwear in a hamper… But what does it actually mean? The new salvation known as functional training has […]

Figure Prep: eight weeks in

Okay, last month I was feeling pretty good. I wasn’t experiencing huge cravings for anything in particular. Well, my friends that has changed. I’m telling you, as soon as you know you can’t have certain foods, all you think about are those foods. This is where most figure competitors slip up. Your goal is so […]

Ask Paul, First Edition

Welcome to the first edition of “Ask Paul,” where I answer a few of the questions I receive on the site. I get literally hundreds of questions from people all over the world, and a lot of them follow a pretty common theme. I’ve picked a few from the last few months and done my […]

Come back to the dinner table!

I have been training Heidi for over 5 years now. She has a Masters degree as a dietician and is a professor at the University of Alberta teaching our youth about nutrition. The best story I have about Heidi is the one day I took her to do my playground workout. I designed an obstacle […]

Cardio machines: big scam in the fitness industry

Have you noticed walking into any gym what the most popular pieces of fitness equipment are being used? I guess by the title of this article you should know it’s cardio machines (treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, rowing machines, steppers). Some gyms have up to 100 pieces of various cardio machines with virtually every one […]