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Seeing the big picture

Everybody wants to know “how” to lose weight, but have they ever asked themselves “why?” If it’s because you want to look good for an upcoming wedding or holiday, then we have to look at the real issues surrounding the “why”. Such an extrinsically motivated reason to lose weight says that you really want to […]

Managing your ‘Winter Hair’

When you live in a place like Edmonton, you learn to adapt to the cooler weather. Our clothes? Pack a jacket or add a scarf – either can be removed later in the day or added when the wind is particularly biting. Our skin? We instinctively respond to dry spots with moisturizers and body lotions. […]

Finding balance with Craniosacral Therapy

Lori is a co-worker of mine. She runs Pause Massage Therapy out of my personal training studio. After I beat up my clients in a workout they go and see Lori’s therapists to feel good again. The biggest complaint I get from Lori is the amount of noise I make when I am either working out myself […]

Figure competition prep: five weeks in

I have had no problem so far with cravings or eating food off of my plan. I am very lucky, as my coach has given me a cheat meal every Saturday, which I find harder to take than not. The reason is because after you have had food without sugar, oils, salt and well, flavour, […]

Strength training: doing it in phases

Quite often, people hear a term like “Phases of Training” and think it’s something for established athletes or marathon-runners. But the phases described below should be applied across the whole continuum of non-physically active people to the very elite in their respective sport and everyone in the middle. Phases one and two particularly are as […]