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Wiping Your Own Butt for a Lifetime

The deterioration of the human body is an inevitable path all of us must take during the aging process. For some this path is much more arduous than for others. The amount of fitness and function people can hold onto varies from one person to another. At one end of the spectrum you have people […]

The Best Exercise For Fat Loss

During my career in the fitness industry one of the most common questions I will hear is “what exercise is best to burn body fat?” If you had asked me this question 25 years ago I would have probably said either cross country skiing or running at 10mph. The reason I would have picked these […]

Featured Testimonial – John McCarron

Featured Testimonial: John McCarron After working with me for a couple years and plateauing [after losing 20–25 pounds], what was the “light bulb” moment that took it to the next level? The “light bulb” moment came after looking at the picture above. After seeing the picture, I was disgusted with myself. It was hard to […]

Stupid Scale

How is it that a one square foot piece of metal with springs can create such immense neurotic behavior even in highly intelligent people?  In my 23 years as a personal trainer I have seen hands on how a needle pointing to a number has dictated the mood, emotion and behavior of individuals for the […]