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Get Ripped

On November 9th, 2012 I convinced three of my male and five of my female personal training clients to join me in forgoing the pleasures of the Christmas season and try to get as lean as possible over the most difficult time of the year. Over a 65 day term the group followed my “Get […]

Why is it so hard for people to lose bodyfat in the 21st century?

For the tens of thousands of years human beings have been on planet Earth, obesity was never a problem for the majority of people. It is only in the past 70 or so years, since post World War II that obesity has become a progressively increasing issue in our society. So what happened? Why is […]

Featured Testimonial – Stacey

Since my journey began I have lost 102 pounds. The majority of this success came after meeting Paul 18 months ago at a bootcamp. I practiced what I learned that day and soon it became my new way of life. After reaching my goal in May I decided since I still wasn’t eating clean that […]