How to be Lean, Fit & Pain Free in the 21st Century

An eBook by Paul Plakas

I would like to introduce you to the third edition of my book “How to be Lean, Fit and Pain Free in the 21st Century”. There is some interesting new research in the areas of weight loss, metabolism and fitness that I share with many new articles. I have also created 4 brand new workouts I think is the most efficient and beneficial way you can spend exercising. There are three programs beginner, intermediate and advanced. All the movements can be done at home or the gym. You would just need dumbells, a stability ball and a workout bench. The workouts are time efficient (max 45min) and train all components of fitness: maximizing fat loss, cardio training, muscular endurance, core strength, flexibility, agility have a functional purpose for real life activity. There is also one workout for improving flexibility if you tend to sit too much in your day. The book is now 85 pages.

eBook Price: $15

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eBook Chapters

What is everybody after?

Why is looking and feeling good so hard for some people?

Fear vs love

Motivate me! Starting on the path to a healthy body weight

Staying on the path to a healthy body weight your metabolic rate

Your metabolic rate

Weight gain in adults why does it happen?

Cardio training one big answer to weight loss

These five foods could kill you!

Question & answers

Parents are the problem to childhood obesity

Top ten ways for parents to get their kids more active

Paul’s top ten ways to lose fat

Paul’s top ten rules on exercising

The facts on fad diets

“fat” – are we just accepting it?

Exercise intensity

The three things for a happy, healthy life

Why is it so hard for people to lose bodyfat in the 21st century?

Obesity and Finances

Watch out for these words

Five stages of health and fitness

Understanding why you are fat