Personalized Exercise Program $75

This program is personally customized for you by Paul himself!

When I design an exercise plan for people, they go through a consultation and kinetic chain assessment. The consultation is to gather as much information about you so the program is specific to your fitness level and goals you want to accomplish. A kinetic chain assessment is when I look at your body in a static posture and during dynamic movement. I assess whether your muscles are in balance in relation to one another and if your joints are moving properly. Before a trainer starts loading your body with weight and intense exercise, it is important that your body can handle that stress without injury. The last thing you want is to hurt yourself and waste time healing. Appropriate exercise selection is important so that you stress the body enough to get a training benefit but not enough that potential injury outweighs the benefit of the movement. There are a thousand lunge variations that you can do. The question is which one should you start with? Which one do you progress to? Or should you even be doing a lunge at first anyway? Since I am not visiting with you in person, a proper kinetic chain assessment is not possible. First, there are a few test exercises you need to do. Please go through them and give me the necessary feedback for each. Can you do them properly? Is there acute pain anywhere in your body during the performance of the exercise? Secondly, please answer the questions following the check-out process to give me a complete picture of your current physical condition.

You can purchase your personalized Exercise program for $75. Once it is complete, your program will be emailed to the address you provide.

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