Featured Testimonial – Amy Robinson

Before and After

I started your eating plan in April, and to date I have lost 42 pounds. I’m 5’2″. When I started I weighed 184 pounds, and today I weigh 142pounds. I am 8 pounds away from my 50 pound goal, which I have no doubt Iwill reach by December 1st, thanks to you. The first week of your eating plan I ate more food than I had become accustomed to eating, and lost 2.8 pounds. When I began the eating plan in April, I allowed my “too busy” life not to include exercise, and I reached a plateau in June. On July 1st I started doing 45 minutes of intense cardio 6 days a week and broke through my plateau. I know that strength training is as important as cardio, however, the weight is coming off so I’m afraid to change anything. Once I lose 8 more pounds I plan on incorporating strength training exercises to maintain my weight. For years I had tried various eating plans that never worked – Weight Watchers, no carbs, no fat, 1000 calories a day – I tried them all and nothing worked. Your healthy, no processed eating plan is what saved me. I will send you before and after pictures after I lose this last 8 pounds. THANK YOU for changing my life.

Take care,
Amy Robinson

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